Roberta Altin

Coordinator of CIMCS - Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology
University of Trieste, Department Humanities
Roberta Altin
Scientific Activity: 
  • Migration, Refugees studies
  • Diaspora and transnational anthropology
  • Intercultural education for active citizenship
  • Museum and cultural heritage
Recent Publications: 
  • Silos in Trieste, Italy. A Historical Shelter for Displaced People, in T. Scott-Smith, M.E. Breeze (eds), “Structures of Protection? Rethinking Refugee Shelter”, Berghahn, New York-London 2020, pp. 198-208.

  • Sostare ai margini: Richiedenti asilo tra confinamento e accoglienza diffusa, ANUAC, 8(2), 2019: 7-35;
  • Protocollo di intesa di istituzioni scientifiche a supporto di scienziati e ricercatori rifugiati e richiedenti asilo. ANTROPOLOGIA PUBBLICA, vol. 4(1) 2018;
  • R. Altin, N.Badurina, Divided Memories. Istrian Exodus in the Urban Space of Trieste. In Memory. Identity. Culture. Collection of Essays. ( eds.) T. Kuharenoka, I. Novikova, I. Orehovs, Volume II. , University of Latvia Press, Riga 2018: 184-200.
  • Richiedenti asilo e sapere antropologico, in "Antropologia Pubblica", vol. 3, n. 1, 2017;