Giuseppina Scavuzzo

Associate Prof. Architectural and Urban Design
Department Engineering & Architecture
Scientific Activity: 

 At the centre of her research activity is the symbolic and narrative dimension of architecture. In recent years she studied the theme of total institutions under the aspect of the relationship between forms of granting and denial of rights and their location within spatially defined spatial shapes and limits. She is a consultant, for the University of Trieste, for the Regeneration project in an historical and cultural key of the former Gorizia Psychiatric Hospital located on the Italy-Slovenia border.




Recent Publications: 

- Architetture tra sovrana ragione e diritti dell’altro, in “Ardeth” n.4, monographic issue “Rights”, edited by Carlo Olmo,  2019.

- Riparare l'umano. Lezioni da un manicomio di frontiera, (with S. Pratali, G. Guaragna), LetteraVentidue, Siracusa 2019.

 - Spazi dell’(iper)sensibile, in Costruire l’abitare contemporaneo. Nuovi temi e metodi del progetto, edited by G. Cafiero, N. Flora, P. Giardiello, Il Poligrafo Padova 2020.