Elena Marchigiani

Associate Professor Town Planning
Department Engineering & Architecture
Scientific Activity: 

Tools and processes for the design, planning and management of urban territories and landscapes; urban regeneration (cultural, social and environmental sustainability issues), with particular reference to social housing neighbourhoods; innovation in welfare space and welfare state policies; development of interactive and participatory processes; innovation in public action.


Between 2011 and 2016, she has been Deputy Major at the Municipality of Trieste, first with the powers of Public Works, Private building and Policies of the house, then with those of Town Planning, Mobility and traffic, Private buildings, Policies of the house and Urban Projects.


Recent Publications: 
  • Trieste. Un’idea di città alla prova, in “Territorio”, n. 82, 2017: 17-25.
  • “Il difficile mestiere di progettare città più vivibili”, in D. De Leo, L’urbanistica dei prof(ass)essori. Esperienze e competenze nell’amministrazione pubblica e per la didattica, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2017: 107-115. 
  • “Trieste: Laboratories on Welfare Spaces in Council Housing Estates. The University as an Intermediate Actor for City Making”, in AA.VV., Public Spaces for Local Life. Shared values in diversified urban communities as a foundation for participatory provision of local public spaces. Books of Contributions, EU Human Cities partnership and AESOP Thematic Group Public Spaces and Urban Cultures, 2017 : 135-153 (https://humancities.uirs.si/portals/4/NEW%20-%20Book%20of%20Contributions.pdf).
  • Lavorare ancora sulla casa, ma in modo diverso, in “Urbanistica”, n. 156, luglio-dicembre 2015 (2016): 89-99.
  • Navigando controcorrente: pratiche di interazione per una diversa azione pubblica nello spazio urbano, in “Città in controluce”, n. 26/27: 152-170.